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If you have any questions not listed here please do not hesitate to contact us!

Q.   Do you work with brand new sellers?

A.   Yes, we will work with any seller. However at this time will not accept retail arbitrage until further notice due to 4th Quarter.

Q.   How quickly will my inventory sent to Amazon?

A.   Once inventory is received, your products will be shipped out to Amazon within 24 to 48 hours.

Q.   Do you accept products from liquidation?

A.   Unfortunately, at this time we do not.

Q.   Do you accept book sellers?

A.   Not at this time.

Q. Will you accept pallets and/or freight?

A. Yes, we do accept pallets and freight and we can ship LTL for outgoing freight.

Q,   Do you accept international sellers?

A.   Yes we do! However it is the sellers responsibility to ensure customs clearance.

Q.   How can I ship my Inventory to you?

A.   Have your inventory shipped to the below address as follows


      Your Business Name


      778 S Main Street Lower Level

      48446 Lapeer, MI

      (Please send us an email notification for verification of first shipment.)

Q.   Does MI FBA PREP carry insurance?

A.   Yes! We carry general liability and fire insurance.

Q.   Does MI FBA PREP carry insurance on the products they receive

A.   We have a policy that covers the building and equipment.

        It's the client's responsibility to have their own business insurance policy.

Q.   How can I sign up for MI FBA PREP fulfillment services?

A.   You can start by contacting us here or calling us at (810) 441-3407

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